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Donald Trump

The November 8th, Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th president of the United State of America. He will succeed to Barack Obama the January 20th.The new president wants to end the policy of the democrats and break with the ideas of Mr.Obama.

During his campaign, Trump has multiplied the catchy and choked sentences. Very controversed and unstable, sometimes mysoginist or racist, sometimes helpful and protectors of the middle class, he won against Clinton.

The first 100 days in power are often the occasion to set the tone of the mandate and to implement the electoral commitments with concrete measures. After several days of investiture, several decrees have already been adopted:

-Close the country for the travelers from countries where the USA has no more ambassade.

-Abandonment of the policy of reduction of polluting energies;

-Withdrawal of the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement;

-Decree against the Obamacare Act;

-Freeze of recruitment of civil servants, excluding military personnel;

-Prohibition of funding from international funds that support abortion.

The markets, initially enthusiastic about an expansionary fiscal policy, are now beginning to worry about a risk of increased protectionism. The boss of estate – Trump – has nevertheless hidden his conservative ideas at no time. For example, he decided to surround himself with ferocious defenders of American interests: Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, and Peter Navarro, as director of the National Council of Commerce.

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