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Is free money a good idea ?

And if everyone was sure to receive a salary from his 18 years old since his death ? Imagine : from 18, a net salary of 1000 € or $ is paid to you every mont, whether you have a job or not. The idea is not new. As early as the 16th century, the English philosopher Thomas Moore evoked it in « Utopia ». Since then, the concept has flourished in the economic literature, as much on the side of liberals as anti-capitalists.

For some, it must allow a more egalitarian life, in a world marked by persistent massive unemployement where some pass through the cracks of the social protection net. For the others, it is a way of symplifying the issues of social benefits. As a result, savings can be achieved by reducing administrative burdens and checks, but also by limiting state intervention.

If basic income can be seen as way for procrastinating and allow people who don’t want to work to live just by resting on this income, I think it is more a good thing. Indeed it could allow people to live better and experience some beaming things. It increses the level of life. Furthermore, live with only 1000€ is difficult and work would be still necessary for people.

Hamon and Kosciusko-Morizet have mentioned it in their programs. But the fact is that implement basic income is a huge task and this is probably why it doesn’t exist for now.

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