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Millennials are narcissistic, lazy and entitled ?

Lucids but idealists, in search of freedom and reassurance, solidarity but selective, more at ease in the virtual exchange than in direct contact … Generation Z, these natives of the 1990s, offers a portrait made of ‘Contradictory aspirations and paradoxical values. Complexity with which managers will have to cope. Beginning with their marked taste of the collective, far from the hyper-individualism of their elders, but also their great creativity, their involvement and especially, their integrity.

That of individuals governed by affect, in the enterprise as elsewhere. Intransigent in their expectations and loyal as soon as they are given the reasons, these new actors represent challenges, their profile appearing incompatible with traditional vertical logics and imposed frameworks

This generation is extremely informed, the awareness of the realities of the company and the world of work, as well as the risks incurred by the planet. This great knowledge of the realities that the atmosphere is not necessarily highly ideologically structured – the majority of the people of this generation are, as the Y before them, little politicized – but it is carried by a strong conscience of the other.

Pollution, unemployment, exclusion, debt crisis and climate change, nothing escapes them and, above all, everything concern them. The consciousness they have of the world and the time in which they live, their challenges and their stakes, push them towards a form of idealism, certainly, but this one is accompanied, with a weight advantage, a marked taste for action. An association that makes this generation Z real players in the world and, for the company that will benefit from it, contributors with high level of employability.

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