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Will AI destroy us or make us Gods ?

The research in the 20th century and the beginning of 21th have been the best in humanity history. It never has been so quick and the pace of this evolution has alarmed some scientists. If they don’t dare to speak about the terminator story, they keep being really doubtfully about the futur of AI. Famous scientists like Hawking or Musk are concerned and think that AI could possibily be a threat for humanity.

In the contrary, I think that AI could be one of the greatest thing that humanity has ever created.It could make our life easier in so much area, and allow humans to become better. With AI we could hope that they will replace human in every fields, and they will do much better than human being, they will replace us in any tasks, medicine, finance, cleaning, delivery, and especially research. Human being could not make their best in research because human brain cannot combine and think of all information at same time to make deduction et discovery. However machine with artificial intelligence and access to internet could centralise every information, in every field of research and combien them to make incredible discovery that would change humanity, like cells regeneration, vaccin against HIV, the cure against every mortal disease, maybe the way to make human immortal, by transfering their mind in another body.

It could be the key to immortality like repairing our defective organs or transfer our brain into a machine. I don’t see the point that AI could have to destroy humanity or something, the only danger it represents it is how it will replace humans in the industry and if it doesn’t alienate us too much.

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